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According to Oxford Dictionary, Travel means to make a journey, typically of some length.

To some this simple definition would be enough, but to some, they might need more clarity. There is no right answer, and naturally, no wrong answer.

To me, this definition sounds incomplete. Travelling for me, is simply going somewhere, anywhere, new or old. It doesn’t matter if you’re gone for a day, for weeks, for months or for years. As long as you show a heart-felt desire in discovering the place and are open to learning and accepting the place, in-and-out, you’re travelling!

Definitely, you learn about yourself and you evolve through the process of Travelling. It encompasses a great range of experiences! You’re aware of your actions and the decisions you make, right from waking up until going to bed. You discover those potentials that were hidden deep down within you.

Travel makes you question your long-held beliefs and challenges your worldviews. But it takes you to great heights of acceptance where you see the beauty in, and accept the people who look similar but are behaviourally different than you!

With our new venture, Tournaama, we want to try and change the perception of people towards Travel. It is a Necessity and not just a Luxury! We want to make people know the essence of travelling, with a view to bring each individual closer to the other!

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